Solar Decathlon participants

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Volunteer—Help Build the Solar Community!

Did you know that you can volunteer your time, skills, and passion to help build the solar community and support solar energy? By giving back, you can make the world cleaner and greener, make meaningful personal connections, and gain hands-on experience that can boost your career. Whether your talent is fundraising, outreach, education, or installation, many organizations and communities could use your help. Browse the opportunities below and take action!

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Creating Tomorrow's Solar Energy Champions

Educational activities to teach—and inspire—students of all ages

As a parent, teacher, or solar energy fan, you can help ensure our brightest solar future by nurturing tomorrow’s solar innovators, today. There are many educational activities and competitions that can help younger students learn about solar energy, and help high school and college students prepare for solar careers. Check out our ideas below for fun ways to help inspire and train the next generation of solar energy champions and pioneers!

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4 Ways You Can Support Solar

Solar energy is breaking records around the world, as technology costs drop, new solar jobs are created every day, and consumers are finding easier and less expensive ways to tap into solar. Your support can help solar energy—and the solar community—to grow. Ever wonder how you could be a part of this expanding opportunity? Check out these 4 ideas for how you can be a part of this movement and support solar in your community!

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