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Volunteer—Help Build the Solar Community!

Did you know that you can volunteer your time, skills, and passion to help build the solar community and support solar energy? By giving back, you can make the world cleaner and greener, make meaningful personal connections, and gain hands-on experience that can boost your career. Whether your talent is fundraising, outreach, education, or installation, many organizations and communities could use your help. Browse the opportunities below and take action!

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 is not possible without the time and commitment of hundreds of volunteers. Their work supports and celebrates the remarkable student teams that construct innovative solar-powered houses. Volunteers work alongside event organizers in roles such as greeters, docents, visitor liaisons, education days mentors, water delivery and retrieval, volunteer registration, and more. Learn more and register to volunteer. Companies, organizations, and individuals are invited to sponsor Solar Decathlon 2017.

Everybody Solar works to protect the environment and strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects. By providing solar power to local charities, it helps them reduce electricity costs and direct their limited resources to the communities they serve. Volunteers can help to install solar, fundraise, spread the word, and more. Learn more and get started. lists opportunities to volunteer on renewable energy projects around the world, seeking everything from untrained volunteers to solar installation experts. Becoming a renewable energy volunteer abroad will not only provide assistance to communities in need, but it will also teach you skills that can increase career opportunities at home. Browse current volunteer opportunities.

Grid Alternatives offers programs that allow anyone to gain hands-on experience by assisting with a solar panel installation. No experience is required. Learn more about volunteering.

SunWork Renewable Energy Projects is a nonprofit in California's San Francisco Bay Area that installs solar electricity systems on small-energy-footprint homes with the help of trained volunteers. SunWork is deeply committed to creating a safe, energetic, enjoyable, and meaningful experience for its volunteers, and to achieving the highest standard of quality and convenience for its customers. Learn more about volunteering.

There are many other ways to be a solar volunteer in your community, state, or region. What should we add to this list?

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